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Committed to the exploration and innovation of multi-cloud management automation. Continue to build a platform of multi-cloud management toolset; manage multi-cloud resources intelligently, innovate and develop highly automated function modules. Aim to converge the ecosystem and become the enabler of MSPs, helping them to build a solid IT foundation for enterprises, empowering MSPs to support enterprises on cloud service management, uncovering and strengthening their capabilities to accelerate digitalization.
Products and Solutions
Simple, Modular and Composable, OnePro multi-cloud infrastructure management toolset abstracts the common requirements of multi-cloud management
Product Design Concept
Abstracts the requirements of multi-cloud infrastructure management, provides targeted solutions and form specialized modules. Each module solves specific problems and makes multi-cloud infrastructure management easier ever; these multi-cloud management modules can be functioned individually or to be composed to form total solutions for particular application scenarios or to address certain challenges of them.
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Leading provider of multi-cloud infrastructure tooling platform
Multi-Cloud Management
With the trend nowadays of multi-cloud architecture, we support enterprises on cloud selection, orchestration, migration and optimization. We continue to drive the advancement and adoption of agile cloud computing, ensure enterprises to get the best out of multi-cloud.
Based on the in-depth understanding of cloud computing, we support enterprises on cloud infrastructure layer resource management and optimization, providing them better support throughout their digitalization journey.
Automated Tools
By executing algorithms and abstracting general functions into toolset, we help enterprises, cloud service providers and software developers uncovering and strengthening their capabilities by utilizing our tools to improve efficiency.
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