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Business Challenges

  • The threshold of migration was high due to the complexity of traditional migration strategies, enterprises could not enjoyed the full benefit of high efficiency, flexibility and on-demand scalability brought by the cloud.
  • Traditional data migration involves heavy manpower and complex deployment; its cost is high and may cause business interruption, unpredictable cycle makes projects inefficient.
  • Due to multi-cloud heterogeneity, there are many uncertainties in data migration such as adaptation problem, success rate, go-live and follow up support..., etc.
Product introduction
Fully Automatic - ReHost / Lift & Shift Migration Tool (Data+Application+OS)
Field practice
Hot Migration
Any to Any
No Business Interruption
Cloud Automation
Wizard Operation
Custom Traffic Bandwidth Limits

【Hot Migration】

【Any to Any】

【No Business Interruption】

【Cloud Automation】

【Wizard Operation】

【Custom Traffic Bandwidth Limits】

Support up to 20+ Clouds
One-click boot up the business system in the cloud
Application scenarios
  • Migration between on-premises IDC and cloud
  • Migration between different clouds (public cloud, private cloud)
  • Cross-region migration on the same cloud
  • Cross-account migration on the same cloud
Customer Case Study

HyperMotion supported Jiangsu Rural Credit Bank in the dedicated financial cloud innovation project, achieved crossregion, multi-point massive data migration.

HyperMotion exclusively assisted a power grid to migrate workloads to the dedicated cloud, successfully achieved mass migration of 20,000 sets of hosts across 27 provinces nationwide.

Asiacom leveraged HyperMotion to implement self-service batch migration for multi-service units and completed data migration goals ahead of schedule.

Haitong Securities has launched the first cloud management platform that integrated with HyperMotion cloud migration module in China, innovatively achieved tenant data asset mobility.

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Select Host
Data Copy
Start Migration

1.【Select Host】

2.【Data Copy】

3.【Start Migration】

User Guide




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