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Business challenges

Business Challenges
  • The management of cloud native disaster recovery is complicated

    Business system on the cloud is no longer storage technology-oriented, but gradually evolves toward the trend of separating data from logic, and the development of cloud native has accelerated this trend. When cloud native services increase, the management of disaster recovery will become very complicated when orchestration and governance are not in good practices.

  • Disaster recovery between clouds has become a common requirement

    The management platform of hybrid cloud generally solves the challenge of cross-cloud control, however there is no unified solution for cross-cloud data transfer, while migration and disaster recovery are common scenarios of managing data mobility.

Product introduction/Product Introduction
Business-level cloud native backup and disaster recovery tools
Leverage cloud native services to help users implement cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, utilize different underlying data technologies and cloud native orchestration capabilities to rehearse disaster recovery operation in one-click.
Field practice
Cloud native cross-platform disaster recovery
Multi-cloud and multi-scenario adaptation
One-click orchestration of business resource groups
Minute-level protection and recovery
Realtime rehearsal of DR operation
Flexible on demand payment

【Cloud native cross-platform disaster recovery】

Compatible with 20+ cloud API, achieving high degree of automated disaster recovery on heterogeneous platforms. Free choice of target cloud platform for backup, higher flexibility and stronger security.

【Multi-cloud and multi-scenario adaptation】

Supporting variety of business scenarios including traditional IDC physical machines to cloud, virtual machines to cloud, from cloud to traditional IDC, and also disaster recovery scenario across public cloud, private cloud and dedicated cloud.

【One-click orchestration of business resource groups】

Business resource group recovered based on cloud native orchestration. One-click integration of cloud resources and business resource orchestration, improve business system availability after disaster recovery cutovers.

【Minute-level protection and recovery】

Block-level CDP disaster recovery protection, not limited to operating and file systems, single click fast recovery, ensuring business continuity and high availability.

【Realtime rehearsal of DR operation】

System generates snapshots according to specific time set, and the number of snapshots can also be set accordingly to needs. Users can choose any snapshot for fast recovery; restore system data and status at the corresponding point, address and solve logic errors that occur in the system, provide backtracking such as business testing and security incidents.

【Flexible on demand payment】

Comparing with traditional disaster recovery solutions, cloud disaster recovery makes full use of the elasticity and flexibility natures of the cloud, upfront investment is not required, flexible and scalable on-demand billing, achieving N:1 disaster recovery capabilities.
支持多达 20+ / Support up to 20+ Clouds
Application scenarios / Application scenarios
  • Migration and disaster recovery between on-premises IDC and cloud (public / private)
  • Cross-region migration and disaster recovery within the same sovereign cloud
  • Migration and disaster recovery across different clouds
  • Same-cloud cross-account migration, centralized backup and recovery
Customer Case Study

25 Hosts

8.8 TB

5 Minutes Recovery

200+ Hosts

5 Minites Recovery

1 Engineer


25 台主机

8.8 TB

5 分钟恢复


200+ 台主机

5 分钟恢复

1 名技术人员

User Guide




Select Disaster Recovery Platform
Configure Disaster Recovery Resource
Set Disaster Recovery Policy
Start Disaster Recovery

1.【Select Disaster Recovery Platform】

2.【Configure Disaster Recovery Resource】

3.【Set Disaster Recovery Policy】

4.【Start Disaster Recovery】

User Guide




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