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HyperMotion supported Jiangsu Rural Credit Bank in the dedicated financial cloud innovation project, achieved crossregion, multi-point massive data migration.
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Project Overview

Internet technology has brought the economy and society into the era of "Platform Economy". The guiding opinions of banking information technology proposed to actively carry out cloud computing architecture planning, implement architecture transformation, formulate cloud computing standards and establish an industry cloud platform during “The Thirteenth Five-year Plan” period

With the development trend of platformization, how to build a "Finance Platform" as traction; a platform with online and offline interaction features, and how to leverage comprehensive application of big data as the support are the critical decisions to be made by the Provincial Union at the transformation stage.

As a rural financial institution in the developed area of China, Jiangsu Province Rural Credit Co-operative Union (hereinafter referred to as "JPRCCU") had shown unbalanced development and consisted of various specialized business systems in terms of business development and system construction in the past. In order to facilitate the provincial union under its jurisdiction to have a greater room for development, to concentrate on research and  development of  the specialized businesses and personalized services, to free themselves from the heavy system maintenance, JPRCCU made a decisive decision with a unique strategic vision, they put forward the concept of “Service is Management”, connecting the provincial union and reshaping the value of the them by building an industry cloud platform.

Customers Pain Points

High operation cost of the Rural Commercial Bank system

The traditional IT architecture lacks a unified resource scheduling platform, make it unable to implement scheduling strategies flexibly, and the resource utilization is low in result. With the expansion of business development, it can no longer meet the demand. Customer needs to improve management efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

To unify cloud requirements

Rural Commercial Banks hope to reduce the complexity and pressure of work by unifying their cloud strategies, to avoid data security risk of using the public clouds or industrial clouds by using the shared cloud platform of the Provincial Union.

Reduce operation and maintenance pressure

The prefectural Rural Commercial Banks have relatively low manpower dedicated to R&D and maintenance, however they need to manage the IT resources of the entire organization, including the basic environment, the equipment of server room with various peripheral hardware, self-built application systems…, etc. The workload is heavy and the operation and maintenance pressure is high.

Strict requirement on business continuity

Business continuity is essential in the banking sector, customers expect services to be always available, only a short period of downtime at night is acceptable. The systems need to be migrated to the cloud on the premise of ensuring business continuity.

The legacy IT environment and system dependencies are complex

The original IT environment is complex; comprises of physical machines, virtual machines, with multiple versions, multiple operating systems, permissions, external devices…, etc. The data volume of a single system is larger than 3TB, and the total data volume of a single organization is huge, about 20 to 50TB on average. In addition, the dependency between the business systems is complex (up to the provincial centre and down to the outlet counter to be connected horizontally).

Remote location with poor network conditions

All units are distributed in different locations across the province. Transmission bandwidth is 10M in public network environment, while actual measurement is only 500k-1M/s. Data transmission can hardly be completed in such network condition.

Ensure secure and stable migration with smooth delivery

During the migration, it is necessary to ensure secure and stable migration, full validation and risk response mechanism. After migration, apart from booting the systems on the cloud, it has to ensure that the business / associated business operate normally.

Why OnePro Cloud?

After studying several cloud migration solutions carefully, JPRCCU finally selected OnePro Cloud Hypermotion as its core tool for cloud migration. Combined with the migration plan recommended by professional team and on-site implementation, JPRCCU dedicated cloud migration solution has been formed. 

OnePro Cloud is the first and currently the best cloud native migration tool research and development company in China. Through highly automated integration with Alibaba Cloud API interface and cloud native resources, HyperMotion supports users to simplify the complex migration process into three simple steps to meet the needs of highly automated and intelligent migration.

With HyperMotion cloud migration tool, it enables: 

① Business continuity. 

② Batch/efficient/full visual migration. 

③ Cloud native API intelligent automation and driver adaptation. 

④ Perform numerous real-time rehearsal operations in the cloud before cutover; business continuity and services availability guarantee.


Cross-platform automated migration without downtime

Re-Host is the shortest and the most efficient approach to migrate to the cloud, it is also a solution with the least impact on the original systems. HyperMotion adopts block-level synchronous replication technology to achieve "hot migration"; the overall replication will synchronize user's operating system, application and data to the target platform. Whether it is web application, database or middleware, it can be migrated to the cloud completely without separate operation or configuration for the files or data required. Cross-structure intelligent adaptation, and the business system can be restored in the cloud as a whole; no business outage, minimizing the impact of migration on the business systems.

MotionGear – Professional auxiliary storage

MotionGear is an all-in-one storage device designed by OnePro Cloud to support large amount of data (TB) transmission under poor network conditions. Combining with HyperMotion, it enables highly automated and reliable cloud migration for large amount of data without downtime, it can also be used individually to solve customers’ offline cloud migration requirements. In the scenario of the scattered bank branches and massive amount of data, in order to achieve block-level replication without interrupting the business, professional peripheral with high storage capacity and high speed copy capability is essential to improve migration efficiency.

Intelligent API adaptation, automated migration

Hypermotion is deeply integrated through the cloud native APIs, solves a variety of complex manual operations such as host boot up, driver and network repairing…, etc. in a fully automated manner. The design of intelligent API automated adaptation of the target platform greatly improves the migration efficiency, achieves highly automated orchestration capabilities, enables repeated validation requirements before cutover, ensures the business availability after migration. 

Professional team on-site research and implementation

The professional team conducted research with customer's core technical team, provides migration methodology and professional on-site implementation support.

Customer Outcomes

JPRCCU has over 56 rural commercial bank branches, their branch IT system has long been faced with unbalanced development, there are also many specialized businesses that are difficult to manage in a unified manner, while cloud migration has solved these problems effectively.

JPRCCU provided its institutions with a greater room for development, free them from heavy system maintenance so that they can concentrate on the specialized businesses and actively carry out personalized service research and development. It also provided a solid foundation for 56 branches, allowing them the flexibility for on-demand cloud services.

Migrate large volume of data in a short period of time

The migration project of 56 rural commercial bank branches with 1,285 systems and 1,156TB  data volume was completed in a short window.

Gain the recognition of innovation success from the regulatory unit

Received the Category II Achievement Award of 2018 banking information technology risk management research issued by the CBRC. 

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