Empower Mobility ~ Enable Seamless Data Migration
Best Practice
China Mobile leveraged HyperMotion to implement self-service batch migration for different business units with different migration timeframes; highly improved efficiency and reduced cost significantly.
Self-service migration
Intelligent API adaptation
Highly automated
Agentless at source platform

Project Overview

A city mobile needs to replace the hosts scattered at the source platform (VM ≈ 20% & Xen ≈ 80%) with the new OpenStack P series mobile public cloud platform by rolling hardware replacement to achieve cloud platform upgrade.

  • Uninterrupted business systems operations throughout the migration process is required.

  • Business units have different migration schedules, migration needs to be performed in batches.


Hot migration of the entire machine without business interruption

Re-host approach migration; block-level differential replication, the host does not stop throughout migration, business continuity is guarantee.

Intelligent driver adaptation to heterogeneous platforms

Intelligent driver adaptation on OpenStack  target platform,  highly automated without human intervention.

Cloud native API adaption

Call cloud API directly to boot up in the cloud independently; achieving highly automated orchestration capabilities, meet repeated validation requirements before cutover, ensuring business-level availability after cloud migration.

Agentless model

In the case of VMware, agent installation is not required, no intrusion operations on the source machine, reducing data security risk.

Customer Outcomes

No business interruption, minimize the impact of migration on business operations

Ensure business continuity and zero security risk at the source through the design of hot migration of the entire machines and the agentless model at the source. Customer does not need to redeploy their business, which is very simple and convenient.

Simple and easy to use tool, reducing labor and migration costs

Migration of the first batch of 39 hosts handled by one operations and maintenance personnel, it only took 12 hours to complete and cutover successfully, migration efficiency was extremely high. The person in charge can leverage the tool to complete subsequent migration tasks according to their needs independently, which saves a lot of manpower and reduce migration costs.

Migration Scenario

  • Source platform: Ctrix platform, XenSever 6.0,OS:RedHat6.X

  • Transmission: Intranet 1000MB/S

  • Target cloud platform: OpenStack P KVM private cloud

  • Cutover window: Idle for ≈ 15 minutes

Migration Resources

  • Tool: HyperMotion

  • Manpower: 1 person on-site (customer operations & maintenance), 1 person remote support (migration vendor)

  • Efficiency: 9:00-17:00, 15 hosts in average

Migration Systems

Information management system, business operation system, business advertising system, data monitoring system, cloud management system, emergency system, information system, verification system, business assistant system.

Migration Process



Collect basic system information → System dependency analysis → Review migration list → Review migration SLA and resource configuration → Plan for business cutover operations

During migration

  • Environment deployment: Resource preparation for migration deployment → Migration software installation → Network configuration → Source platform configuration → Target cloud platform configuration

  • Migration implementation: Source platform data collection → Data synchronization → Host boot up on the cloud platform 

  • Validation (preliminary): Confirm host status → System configuration → Validate business service


Service cutover: Pre-cutover preparation → Cutover operation → Service validation

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