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HyperMotion supported a maternal and child healthcare hospital to migrate local servers to the cloud without business downtime, effectively reducing the pressure of operation and maintenance.
Self-service migration
No business outage
Intelligent API adaptation
Highly automated

Project Overview

A top-grade Maternal and Child Health Hospital established in October 1956, it responsible for business guidance, scientific research, education, training for the Maternal and Child Health Care across 19 administrative areas of the city. The hospital covers an area of 14.8 mu, with business space of 28,000 m2 and bed capacity of 580. It committed to transform the hospital into the best-class Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Center of the province.

Customer Pain Points

High requirement on cloud migration

In order to improve medical quality and service capabilities, the hospital's infrastructure is required to be flexible and able to be scaled elastically according to business system needs. The hospital needs to migrate its information systems from local server to the cloud.

Strict requirements on non-stop business system 

The hospital core business systems such as HIS, LIS and physical examination systems cannot be shut down during cloud migration, business continuity has to be considered.

The original system lacks data security protection and its structure is imperfect

With the development of hospital business, the limitation of the original IT architecture has been concerned; such as the lack of continuous data security maintenance, the challenge on expansion and  it is unable to efficiently support the requirements of the new business for data center informatization.

The systems and the correlations are highly complex

The hospital has more than 50 application systems, including not only the medical application systems (electronic medical records, registration, appointments, clinical examinations, ECG diagnosis…), but also the daily office applications such as OA and email of the hospital. The system dependencies are complex, which greatly increases the difficulty of migration.


Migrate the entire system without business interruption

Re-host migration is adopted; the business system can be recovered as a whole without reinstallation or applications modification, hence the security is stronger. Block-level differential replication; the source host does not stop throughout the migration process, ensuring business and operations continuity of the hospital. Data is synchronized during the day and cutover when idle at night.

Cloud native API adaption

Call cloud API directly to boot up in the cloud, greatly improves the migration efficiency and achieving highly automated orchestration capabilities, meet repeated validation requirements before cutover, ensuring business-level availability after cloud migration.

Wizard interface

Simplest wizard-style interface, the entire process is visible and controllable. Reduce migration to three simple steps to meet customer needs for intelligent migration.

Highly practical migration research tool

Since the hospital IT environment is relatively complex, automated research tools is deployed on the target host, a comprehensive scan of the target operating environment is conducted to auto-collect basic information, improve the efficiency of information search and data collection accuracy, thus shortening the research cycle. At the same time, the tool can sort out the dependencies automatically and match the recommended solutions intelligently, providing a simple, efficient and verifiable means for cloud migration, allowing technicians to master the migration process in short.

Customer Outcomes

Easy cloud migration, reducing operations and maintenance pressure

By migration the systems to the cloud, customer no longer needs to spend the time and effort on maintaining the aging computer rooms and hardware upgrade, which significantly reduces the operations and maintenance expenses.

No business outage, high migration success rate

Through the entire system hot migration design, customer business does not stop. Junior operation and maintenance personnel managed to operate and deploy 5 sets of system migration at a time, and it only took 14 hours to complete, which effectively shortened the project cycle and greatly improved the migration success rate.

Highly automated tool, migration costs are greatly reduced

By leveraging HyperMotion, only one technician is needed to complete cloud migration of the business systems, which helps customer to save a lot of manpower, shorten the migration project cycle and reduced the migration costs.

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