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"Cloud + Network" one-stop cloud service, a Hydrologic Reference Station completed the province's first cloud migration project with HyperMotion.
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Project Overview

A city's hydrologic reference station which mainly engaged in water resources monitoring, investigation, analysis, computing and evaluation of the region. There are monitoring stations across the city for data collection and monitoring. At present, there are 256 hydrological stations of various types, 30 medium to large reservoir flood reporting stations and 171 flash flooding stations.

  • Due to early construction of its data center, long service life of the equipment and personnel shortage, the operation and maintenance of the data center has become a problem, which bringing difficulties to the daily work gradually, thus, customer has to find a solution urgently.

  • Customer business is complex, many systems and terminals have not been maintained.

  • Need to maintain local network segment, and the cloud network segment must be consistent with the local network.


Private network, whole server migration

Connect the cloud and the local server through private network, only the network facilities to be retained locally, the whole server is migrated by using the Re-host approach; apply block-level differential replication, the business system can be restored as a whole in the cloud and the business does not stop, the impact of migration to the business system is minimized, ensure smooth and secure cloud migration.

Specify the IP address to keep the network segment consistent

Pre-fill the IP address and redirect the data collected by the terminal to the elastic public IP, which solves the problem of offline server IP binding. 

Repeated disaster recovery drills to ensure smooth migration and operations

Disaster recovery drill based gradual migration; incremental backup, boot up and repeated validations to ensure smooth operations after cloud migration.

Customer Outcomes

One stop service, infrastructure guarantee for customer

Provide customers with one-stop cloud + network services; reducing customer operation and maintenance costs, provide customer with a safer and better IT environment so that they do not need to spend extra energy to maintain the server room and facilities. It also avoids problems such as downtime caused by unexpected situations.

The business cutover to the cloud completely without affecting normal business operations, achieved the first cloud migration project in the province

The operation of the existing monitoring stations is not affected, the cloud has taken over all the way, become the first cloud migration project in the province.


  • Source platform: Physical machine, 10 sets of business systems, covering 20 hosts

  • Transmission: Private network

  • Target cloud platform: eCloud

  • Cutover window: Nigh time and weekend 19:00-5:00 (+1)


  • Tool: HyperMotion

  • Manpower: 1-2 people on-site (customer operations & maintenance), 1 person remote support (migration vendor)

  • Efficiency: Migrated 20 units in a month, multiple drills, 5 switchovers


Provincial water exchange system server, flash flooding data server, data server of small to medium rivers.




Collect basic system information → System dependency analysis → Review migration list → Review migration SLA and resource configuration → Plan for business cutover operations

During migration

  • Environment deployment: Resource preparation for migration deployment → Migration software installation → Network configuration → Source platform configuration → Target cloud platform configuration

  • Migration implementation: Source platform data collection → Data synchronization → Host boot up on the cloud platform 

  • Validation (preliminary): Confirm host status → System configuration → Validate business service


Service cutover: Pre-cutover preparation → Cutover operation → Service validation

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