Empower Mobility ~ Enable Seamless Data Migration
Best Practice
The MSP of a government cloud project used HyperMotion to implement small scale multimigration for multiple business units with high efficiency and controllable cost.
Hot migration
Intelligent API adaptation
Highly automated
Specific IP

 Project Overview & Challenges

  • Migration between different versions of the same cloud, switch from Xen virtualized resource pool to KVM virtualized resource pool.

  • The government cloud project involves the business of multiple government departments, it is hardly to implement a centralized migration strategy in a unified manner, the coordination among the departments is required, a distributed implementation approach makes the project cycle uncontrollable. As a result, the labour cost invested by the service providers in data migration is high.


Hot migration of the entire machine without business interruption

HyperMotion cloud migration tool adopts the Re-host (whole machine migration) approach for migration; with block level differential replication, the business system can be restored as a whole without interruption, minimizes the impact of migration on the business system, ensures a smooth and stable cloud migration. 

Intelligent API adaptation, automated migration

HyperMotion intelligent driver adaptation and automated API migration design does not require human intervention; with the wizard-style operation interface, the process is visualized and controllable.

Specify IP address

Specify the IP address through the migration software interface.

Customer Outcomes

Phased migration strategy, greatly reduced the manpower

The highly automated tool greatly reduced the manpower. Only one operation and maintenance personnel on site was required. The migration plan was implemented in stages and the licenses were subscribed according to business needs. Completed migration of 180 hosts, greatly reduced manpower and costs.

The tool is easy to use, the technical threshold has greatly reduced

With only one training and project practice, the operation and maintenance personnel can master the tool quickly and able to use it proficiently in subsequent projects.


  • Source platform: Huawei Cloud 6.5.1 Xen virtualized resource pool, with 33 business systems covering 180 hosts

  • Transmission: 100MB/S

  • Target cloud platform: Huawei Cloud KVM virtualized resource pool

  • Cutover window: Nigh time and weekend 19:00-5:00 (+1)


  • Tool: HyperMotion

  • Manpower: 1 person on-site (customer operations & maintenance)

  • Efficiency: Succeed in the first drill


Medical system, transportation system, public security system, social management system, livelihood service system, government management system…, etc.




Collect basic system information → System dependency analysis → Review migration list → Review migration SLA and resource configuration → Plan for business cutover operations

During migration

  • Environment deployment: Resource preparation for migration deployment → Migration software installation → Network configuration → Source platform configuration → Target cloud platform configuration

  • Migration implementation: Source platform data collection → Data synchronization → Host boot up on the cloud platform 

  • Validation (preliminary): Confirm host status → System configuration → Validate business service


Service cutover: Pre-cutover preparation → Cutover operation → Service validation

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