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HyperMotion exclusively assisted a power grid to migrate workloads to the dedicated cloud, successfully achieved mass migration of 20,000 sets of hosts across 27 provinces nationwide.
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Project Overview

With the widespread application of "Internet +" in the power industry, a power grid has deeply integrated with the Internet; its business systems such as the power supply system, the marketing system and the customer service systems have been continuously reshaped and upgraded. Its existing data center is based on a traditional centralized architecture, well-built with stability and security. While for the storage system, it has a comprehensive range of equipment with various brands and series. Although the traditional centralized IT architecture design guarantees security and stability for business support, the process is lengthy, which greatly reduces customer experience.

In order to integrate various types of storage systems comprehensively; continue to meet the high concurrency and low latency performance requirements and to make the infrastructure ready for business innovation and transformation, customer hopes to drive the transformation of storage resource pooling.

As a power grid enterprise, to ensure reliability and stability of the core business system to be migrated to the cloud while not affecting the business after the migration has become a critical key.

Customer Pain Points

Strong demand on cloud migration

The power grid accelerates cloud deployment and gradually migrates the systems from the existing physical machines/VMware to the self-build private cloud; to achieve cloudification development comprehensively.

Strict requirement on business continuity

The power grid needs to maintain 7×24 hours of uninterrupted service throughout the year. The business systems have to migrate to the cloud on the premise of ensuring business continuity without outage.

Massive number of complex migration systems

The power grid IT system includes various production and testing systems, such as power supply, quality control, marketing and power generation safety systems, with a total of 20,000+ hosts, involving multiple operating systems (Windows / RHEL / CentOS / SUSE… etc.), and the dependency between applications is complex.

Concurrent and efficient migration

Majority of the systems run in VMware environment, 27 provincial power grids need to be migrated to the power grid private cloud (OpenStack architecture) concurrently in a short period of time.

Systems with complex dependencies

The power grid IT system includes various business systems such as power supply system, quality management system, marketing system and power generation safety evaluation management system. And the systems to be migrated involve different OS such as Windows/Linux… etc., which increasing the difficulty of migration. 

Operations and maintenance personnel have limited experience in migration

Most of the people on-site who in charge for implementation are operations and maintenance personnel who do not have much experience in system migration. It is necessary to provide a simple, efficient and validatable approach for technicians to master the migration process in a short period of time.


Cross-platform automated migration, no business outage

Adopted re-host approach for migration; block-level differential replication, intelligent across-architecture adaptation, business systems restored as a whole in the cloud, no business outage and minimize the impact of migration to the business systems.

Intelligent driver adaptation, high degree of automation

Intelligent drive adaptation to OpenStack without human intervention, highly automated to achieve seamless cross-platform migration.

Cloud-native API connection, easy deployment

Call cloud API and boot up in the cloud directly; enable highly automated orchestration capabilities, meet the repeated validations requirement before cutover, ensure business-level availability after cloud migration.

Agentless model, zero intrusion at the source host, ensuring data security

No agent installation nor intrusion operations required at the VMware host; reducing data security risk.

Wizard interface, 3-step simple operations

Simple wizard-style design, 3-step easy operations, the whole process is visualized and controllable.

Automated system detection, troubleshooting automatically throughout the migration process.

Support automated system detection and debugging throughout the migration process to improve the success rate of switching between the new and old systems.

Customer Outcomes

Completed large-scale batch migration with high efficiency and low cost

Completed cloud migration of 27 provincial networks successfully, with over 20,000 sets of production services in the provincial power data centre, deployed multiple sets of migration software, the migration efficiency of a single provincial network reached up to 123 units per day, and no on-site supporting staff from manufacturers was required.

Highly automated tool, low manpower with high success rate

The tool is highly automated, only small number of junior operations and maintenance personnel were required, maximized the migration success rate.

To implement digital transformation strategy, power grid relies on cloud migration for  cloudification; to achieve the goals of more agile resource allocation, centralized and intelligent data utilization, unified and efficient service integration, faster and more convenient application development.

The power grid took cloudification as an opportunity to increase the development and operation of an integrated cloud platform. Support through the cloud platform, power grid can further improve its service level of information storage, transmission, integration, sharing… etc., accelerate business integration, shorten application launch cycle, respond to business changes in a speedy manner, improve user experience, enhance system operation reliability, boost platform economy and sharing economy, build an industrial ecosystem for creating value and sharing opportunities, supporting local economic and social development.

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