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HyperMotion supported China Unicom and Qingyun to complete a cloud migration project for a central enterprise, accelerated cloud migration of the core business systems.
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Intelligent adaptation in the cloud
Agentless migration
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Project Overview

A large group has a wide range of businesses and new businesses are continue to increase, data size grows to gigabytes. However, the IT architecture is aging, the systems are running slow, the operation and maintenance of heterogeneous systems is a nightmare. Unified management and optimization can hardly be achieved, the capacity and performance are not flexible, the operation and maintenance cost are high.

According to the requirements of the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Control of Central Enterprises on Informatization 2019”, the group planned to conduct informatization development; upgrade and transform the network facilities of the group, build a new cloud platform to meet the performance and capacity needs for informatization, optimize the data centre, make full uses of the safe and reliable private and public clouds, and get ready for future development.

The group initiated the infrastructure modernization and expansion project. After research and evaluation, they selected Qingyun, an IT company with advanced technology and rich experience as the cloud platform provider, and chose China Unicom as the service provider for cloud migration implementation. And due to large amount of new businesses and old IT facilities to be migrated, China Unicom leveraged HyperMotion, a fully automatic cloud native migration tool for this project. 

Customer Pain Points

1. A unified cloud solution

The group accelerated the execution of infrastructure modernization and planned to migrate the VMware systems to Qingyun to improve data centre service capabilities, speed up enterprises on cloud adoption, and improve the business informatization level of the group. 

2. Traditional migration cost is hard to control with long project cycle

Due to complex business systems with the large amount of data across heterogenous platforms, the traditional manpower oriented migration service takes time and involves heavy manpower, the cycle is relatively long and the cost is difficult to control, thus it is necessary to leverage a highly automated migration tool to reduce the cost of informatization development. 

3. Ensure business continuity and data security

During migration, the core business systems such as the mail data system and the group OA system must meet the requirements of continuous and uninterrupted operation. While ensuring normal business operation, high security performance is also expected.


1. Hot migration, block-level differential replication

HyperMotion adopts Re-Host approach (entire machine migration); with block-level differential replication, application system can be recovered as a whole without downtime, minimizing the impact of migration on the application system, ensures reliable and easy cloud migration.

2. Support agentless model at source host to reduce data security risks

The systems to be migrated are all on the VMware platform, HyperMotion supports agentless migration model; no agent installation nor intrusion operation at the source which reduces data security risk and eliminating the pre-migration process for mass migration.

3. Intelligent API adaptation, highly automated migration

3. Intelligent API adaptationHyperMotion intelligent API adaptation design enables auto-adaptation with Qingyun cloud platform, automatic boot in cloud, drivers and network repairing…, etc., avoiding various complex manual operations; achieving highly automated orchestration capabilities to meet the repeated validation requirement before cutover, ensures services availability after migration., highly automated migration.

Customer Outcomes

1. Replace manual migration with automated tools to improve the efficiency of informatization deployment

The highly automated design of HyperMotion cloud migration tool enables customers to complete the migration project in just 10 days, which speeded up the progress on building a new cloud platform, improved the efficiency of cloud deployment and ensuring data security for the group.

2. Greatly reduced the cost of building a new cloud platform

HyperMotion cloud migration tool comes with a simplest wizard-style interface design, the whole process is visualized and controllable, make it very easy to operate, only one technician is needed on site for migration implementation, reduced the labor cost and expenses significantly, and the project cycle is completely controllable.

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