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AWCloud used HyperMotion to implement incremental migration for a university in Beijing with 100% success rate.
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Project Overview

A national university under the Ministry of education in Beijing which is the first batch of key universities under the national "211 Project" and a pilot university of the national "Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform Project”. It is a world-class prestigious university.

The university has key service systems such as school data and information system, business system, digital campus platform, scientific research management system…, etc. These systems are hand in hand with university's daily business. As the number of teachers, students and also the teaching materials increase year by year; the variety teaching methods, the massive scale of teaching data and systems security bring great challenges on storing, searching, sharing, collaborating and managing the unstructured data. Obviously, the old computer rooms and platform can no longer support the development of informatization and transformation management. In order to improve the school's informatization capability and service quality further, to enhance teachers and students experiences in informatization services, to improve and protect the existing operations of the key infrastructure, the university roll out the information technology development project.

AWCloud, the private cloud solution provider was chosen by the university to cooperate deeply for the cloud migration project. After preliminary investigation, due to the complexity of the source environment and the requirement of migrating nearly 100 devices from multiple systems, AWCloud selected HyperMotion, a fully automated cloud-native migration tool which compatibles with more than 20 clouds to perform migration for this project.

Customers Pain Points

1) Continuous and uninterrupted operation during migration of the critical application systems are required

The university required to migrate all important scientific research data to the private cloud. The core application systems such as the school data system and the digital campus platform are required to run and provide 7×24 services throughout the migration process.

2) The old systems need to be migrated iteratively, the original IP address has to remain unchanged after migration.

The university needed to migrate the original machines running on Hyper-V and VMware to the cloud platform, and the original IP addresses have to remain unchanged after migration. In between, some machines are old, the systems cannot be used and unable to contact the original manufacturers; moreover, seven machines need to be reutilized, hence migration in an iterative manner is required.

3) The system of each faculty is scattered and complex, migration cycle is hard to control

Cloud improves the data silo situation between faculties and the departments. Since the scientific research directions of faculties are different, the focus and standard of informatization are not unified, the communication is ineffective, resources utilization is low, the operation and maintenance are difficult; however, the migration schedule must be coordinated well between the faculties and the departments, the cycle is hard to plan.

4) High migration requirements but lack of professionals and skills

The university required the systems to be cutover during the day, and the cutover window of each system needed to be as short as possible, had to control within 10 minutes; however, most faculties are having insufficient informatization professionals and lack of IT architecture support, which greatly affected the migration efficiency and doubled the time and labor costs.


1) Hot migration, block-level differential replication

HyperMotion adopts Re-Host approach (entire machine migration); with block-level differential replication, application system can be recovered as a whole without downtime, minimizing the impact of migration on the application system, ensures reliable and easy cloud migration.

2) Intelligent API adaptation, highly automated migration

Intelligent API adaptation design enables auto-adaptation with private cloud platform, automatic boot in cloud, drivers and network repairing…, etc., avoiding various complex manual operations; achieving highly automated orchestration capabilities to meet the repeated validation requirement before cutover, ensures services availability after migration.

Adopted gradual + iterative approaches to solve the problem of the old systems after migration

Migrated the business systems from the original VMware and Hyper-V in batches and released them after migration, then added them to the cloud platform as the new computing nodes; all the systems were migrated in an iterative manner gradually until all business systems were migrated.

4) 3 steps easy and fast migration implementation

HyperMotion designed with minimalist wizard interface, operation and maintenance personnel can perform migration in 3 steps in  just a few clicks; 4 to 5 machines can be migrated at the same time and cutover on the same day, greatly improves migration efficiency.

Customer Outcomes

1)  Complete migration of nearly 100 sets of systems in 15 days, accelerated the progress of informatization development

The highly automated design of HyperMotion supported customer to complete migration of  97 systems with 52 TB of data in only 15 days, accelerated the progress of university in building the cloud platform, supported university with a better cloud application deployment.

2) High migration success rate, maximized efficiency and reduced costs

HyperMotion supported AWCloud, ensuring the success rate on migration implementation. All systems had no rollback and zero failure throughout the migration process, greatly reduced the migration cost.

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