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Beiming Digital Technology used HyperMotion to perform cloud migration for a government unit, completed migration for almost 100 hosts within 15 days.
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Disaster recovery rehearsal migration
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Project Overview

With the vigorous promotion of "Internet + Government Services" along with the "14th Five-Year Plan", government informatization has entered into a new stage of development. The goal is to build a service-oriented government, actively promote the development and application of national e-government and cloud platforms, enable the sharing of data between departments, “let data to run errands for residents and enterprises”, facilitate business between citizens and enterprises with government departments, to improve social governance capabilities and evolve into a better public service model.

Beijing Beiming Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beiming Digital") was founded in 2018, a subsidiary of Beiming Software Co., Ltd. The company leveraging cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain and other technologies, deeply integrated with the industries, developing a To B and To C industrial Internet model, supporting industries on digital transformation, undertakes the important mission to participate the implementation of an innovation-driven digital China.

The city government would like to improve the informatization level of the government system further; to unify and centralize the resources and data, to migrate the data and business systems of each unit to the cloud and to improve the hierarchical protection of the service systems.

After preliminary research, and due to the consideration of migrating multiple systems with massive amount of data in various scenarios and the requirement of zero business interruption, the city government selected Beiming Digital as a service provider and chose HyperMotion, a cloud-native migration tool which compatible with 20+ clouds for migrating the workloads to Tencent's T-stack platform.

Customer Pain Points

1. The old server room was about to expire, data migration had to complete within 15 days

The original server room and equipment are old, systems run slowly, system issues such as freezing, crashing, hanging often occur, moreover there are many systems with different versions which made it hard for management and those systems are no longer meeting the normal operation needs. More importantly, the server room was about to expire, therefore migration had to complete within 15 days.

2. The source environment is complicated

The operating environment is complex and diverse; the business systems are deployed on different platforms, including Huawei's FunctionSphere, Xen virtual machines, physical machines, and KVM virtual machines…, etc. Rang from physical, virtualized and cloud environments, moreover the IT resources for each business unit needed to be set up in different time points.

3. IP address needed to be changed, the environment has to be tested through and validated before delivery

After migration, the network architecture of the source and the new cloud environments is different, therefore the IP address needed to be changed in order to maintain the operation. And after the IP address is changed, the new configuration and settings have to be tested through and validated several of times to ensure the business runs normally after cutover to the cloud.

4. The business relevance is complex, it is difficult to coordinate the migration schedule of each business unit

The system is complex; with large amount of data, different operating systems, middleware and applications. The project involved cloud migration for different business units, the migration schedule and project cycle is hard to manage and control. 


1. Hot migration, block-level differential replication, ensure business continuity and security

HyperMotion adopts Re-host approach for migration, the business system can be restored as a whole without modifying or reinstalling the applications, security is enhanced; with block-level differential replication, the source host will not be interrupted throughout the migration process, ensuring business continuity and minimizing the impact of migration on the systems and operations.

2. API intelligent adaptation, highly automated migration

The design of automated intelligent API adaptation of the target platform makes it able to execute variety of complex human operations automatically such as boot in the cloud, driver and network repairing and so on; achieving highly automated orchestration capabilities, meet the needs of repeated validation before cutover to the cloud and ensure business availability afterwards.

3. Disaster recovery drill enables progressive migration

HyperMotion, an innovative migration tool which enables disaster recovery drill to facilitate customers' needs on validating the business system before cutover to the cloud. When system validation process starts, it will not affect the operation of the source host, and the incremental data can be synchronized to the cloud in the meantime. 

4. Provide a comprehensive solution to reduce operation and maintenance pressure

In order to solve the problem of insufficient manpower and technical support in customer's operation and maintenance team, Beiming Digital leveraged HyperMotion, a highly automated migration tool to perform cloud migration for this project, provided a comprehensive solution of “Manpower + Product + Service”, helped customer migrated to the cloud successfully after only one single drill.

Customer Outcomes

1. Completed cloud migration within 15 days, customer was impressed

HyperMotion cloud migration tool supported Beiming Digital to speed up the migration implementation, enabled Beiming Digital to complete and deliver the project within a very tight schedule, customer was highly impressed.

2. Completed migration of nearly 100 hosts with high efficiency and low cost

The highly automated design of HyperMotion cloud migration tool helped customer to complete migration of 91 systems and 56T data in a speedy and efficient manner, reducing the operation and maintenance pressure and also the migration costs effectively. 

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