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Ping'an Financial Cloud integrated with HyperMotion to provide migration services for customers in the financial industry
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Project Overview

On the road to cloud, the financial industry plays a leadership role. Cloud services can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, innovate business models and accelerate industry evolution. In recent years, the financial industry has driven by the trend of fintech and hence accelerated the pace of cloud adoption. According to the survey of  “Cloud Computing Technology in the Financial Industry (2018)” issued by the China Academy of information and communication, 40% of the financial institutions have begun using cloud computing technology, and majority of the institutions have planned for cloud adoption. As one of the most important segments of cloud services in China, financial cloud has very high requirements on planning, deployment, operation and maintenance, which puts forward higher expectations to the cloud service providers.

Ping An Financial Cloud is a company who focuses on exporting financial cloud services, as a base of financial technology support, Ping An Financial Cloud provides cloud services and solutions to customers in the financial industry, regulators and the government, provides cloud solutions for multiple financial vertical segments such as banking, insurance and investment, supports customers on digital transformation. 

In response to the national "14th Five-Year Plan" strategy, a financial customer planned to migrate multiple systems that running on VMware and KVM platforms from local premise  to the cloud. Through repeated evaluation and comparison, Ping An Financial Cloud was selected because of its excellent service capabilities and rich experience in project implementation.

Facing with the challenges such massive data migration, high security requirements, complex systems, numerous subsidiaries, tight implementation schedule and limited support, Ping An Financial Cloud chose OnePro Cloud, a partner who has developed extensive collaboration, worked jointly to integrate HyperMotion into the migration solution, implemented and delivered the project efficiently.

Customer Pain Points

1. The financial industry has high data security protection requirement

The data of the financial industry is highly sensitive, it is necessary to prevent leakage and tampering, it has the highest requirement of data confidentiality and integrity. Customer hopes to migrate all data to Ping An Financial Cloud, integrate existing security solutions and measures, further improve the level of security compliance, ensure secure operations and maintenance of the business system throughout and after cloud migration.

2. Multiple branches, complex systems, difficult to plan the migration implementation cycle

The project involves the core systems of the headquarter and the subsidiaries of a financial client; including over 70 sets of integrated financial management platforms, integrated business asset management platforms and trust marketing service platforms, which are highly complex and correlative. The implementation schedule requires the coordination of numerous subsidiaries, the implementation cycle is hard to plan.

3. No business outage during migration is required

The financial business system required to service  7×24 with near zero downtime. The business and operation systems have to migrate to the cloud on the premise of business continuity.


1. Support agentless model at the source end to ensure financial data security

For a large number of systems running on the VMware platform, agent installation was not required during migration, no intrusion operations on the source machines, reduced data security risks and eliminated pre-operation process.

2. Live migration of the entire machine, block-level differential replication to ensure business continuity without interruption

HyperMotion cloud migration tool adopts Re-host approach for migration, the business system can be restored as a whole without reinstallation, enable stronger security; block-level differential replication minimizes the impact of the migration on business systems and operation. 

3. 3-step simple migration implementation

HyperMotion comes with a minimalist wizard operation design, easy 3-step operations. Operations and maintenance personnel can master the tool in a short period of time, greatly reduced operational complexity.

Customer Outcomes

By leveraging HyperMotion to perform cloud migration swiftly, Ping An Financial Cloud able to help its customers to improve the informatization level in a speedy manner, provide services such as multi-cloud management, security compliance, operations management, IT governance and management; empowering financial customers to create an industry benchmark.

1. Cloud migration product enriched the capabilities of Ping An Financial Cloud Platform, improved customer digital transformation efficiency

Ping An Financial Cloud integrated with HyperMotion, provides its customers with the capabilities of Ping An Financial Cloud Platform, reduces cloud migration difficulty and costs,  accelerates cloud deployment of customer business.

2. Highly automated migration tool,  greatly reduced the cost of financial cloud implementation and construction 

The high degree automation design of HyperMotion enables massive data migration to be completed in a relatively short period of time, greatly reduced labor costs and expenses, helped customers from multiple departments to complete the migration project of 71 sets of systems, 164 hosts and 71.3TB of data in batches.

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