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Asiacom leveraged HyperMotion to implement self-service batch migration for multi-service units and completed data migration goals ahead of schedule.
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Gov systems cloud migration

Project Overview

With the development of e-government systems across the country, cloud-based government systems have become the foundation for e-government preparations. For migrating government systems, it is essential to collaborate with various operation units with different business application systems. Therefore, it is extremely critical to formulate a complete cloud migration plan; it is necessary to consider the coordination of multiple units, implement the migration plan in a distributed manner while meeting the cloud migration requirements without affecting normal operations.

Asiancom is committed to becoming an "Excellent Enterprise Digital Transformation Enabler", an information service provider focusing on enterprise digital transformation and upgrading; with more than ten years of effort in the industry, it developed the capabilities to integrate the upstream and downstream of the data center industry chain. Its integrated service capabilities covering the entire life cycle of the data center; provides system deployment and integration, IT operations and maintenance, and also after-sales services for both upstream and downstream customers of the data center industry chain.

With excellent quality service capabilities and rich experience in project implementation, Asiancom is appointed to take part of the cloud migration project for a district government. The project covers migration of hundreds of hosts that spread across dozens of communities, involving more than a dozen of service systems. Due to large scale migration of the complex and widely distributed systems with tight implementation schedule and limited support, to ensure a smooth implementation and to deliver the project on time, Asiancom chose HyperMotion to help customer migrating to the cloud effortlessly and to take the first step in digital transformation of government and enterprises.

Customer Pain Points

Strong cloud migration demand

The development of local government cloud is accelerating, the existing Hyper-V systems are gradually migrate to the government private cloud to improve intelligence level.

Large number of complex migration systems 

The government cloud project involves multi-departmental business of the government, has to coordinate with multiple departments for implementing batch migration strategy; which increasing the difficulty of migration.

Guarantee service continuity of the key systems

The government cloud has to maintain 24/7 basic services without interruption throughout the year, and the business systems should not be shut down. The systems have to be fully migrated to the cloud on the premise of ensuring business continuity.

Tight implementation cycle

Majority of the people on-site who in charge for implementation are operations and maintenance personnel, with the tight schedule and heavy tasks, it is necessary to provide a simple, efficient and validatable tool so that the technicians can master the migration process in a short period of time.


API intelligent adaptation, highly automated migration

HyperMotion is built with an automatic migration design; its intelligent driver and API adaptation enable bootup in cloud without human intervention.

Hot migration of the entire machine without business interruption

HyperMotion adopts Re-Host approach (entire machine migration); with block-level differential replication, business system can be recovered as a whole without downtime, minimizing the impact of migration on the business system, ensures reliable cloud migration.

Wizard interface, 3-step minimalist operation 

Minimalist wizard operation design, 3-step easy operation in clicks, the entire process is visualized and controllable, easy to learn and master.

Customer Outcomes

HyperMotion supported Asiancom to migrate the government systems to the cloud speedily and completed the data migration goal ahead of schedule. Customer can unify resources in the cloud after migration, provide a basic platform for government cloud applications, change the operation mode and provide cross-departmental data sharing and interactive services. With the support of Asiancom, the cloud platform can be used to create more intelligent service applications.

Highly automated operations, completed migration goals ahead of schedule

HyperMotion self-service migration supported customer to complete migration of the first batch of 50+ sets of systems to the government cloud speedily, effectively shortening the implementation and deployment cycles; completed the migration goal ahead of schedule.

Easy to operate tool, greatly reduced the manpower

Only through one training and project practice session, the operation and maintenance personnel can quickly master the tool, and only one technician is needed on-site for  handling implementation according to the migration plan, which greatly reduced the labor costs and expenses.

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