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Best Practice
HyperMotion helped an Equity Trade Center migrating local servers to the cloud with business continuity and data security guarantee.
Hot migration
No business outage
API boot-up in the cloud
Multiple DR drills

Project Overview

An equity trade center is a market-oriented regional trading market established in Shenzhen. The center utilizes Internet resources to provide private, personalized and customized financial solutions to the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the start-up and development stage but yet to be listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges. 

  • To meet the needs of rapid business development and improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, the trading center plans to migrate the main production system from local server room to the public cloud.

  • Financial data is sensitive, requires high business continuity, no business interruption throughout the migration process is required.

  • Extremely high requirement on migration success rate, customer requested to conduct full and multiple drills before cutover.

  • The business dependency between hosts is complex, customer requested bulk migration to maintain the dependency.


Hot migration of the entire server without business interruption

Leveraging the Re-host approach for migration (entire server migration); with block level differential replication, the business system can be restored as a whole without interruption, minimizes the impact of migration on the business system, ensures a smooth and stable cloud migration.

Intelligent API adaptation, automated migration

With the intelligent API and automated driver adaptation designed on the target platform, it greatly improved the migration efficiency; there is no need to pre-start the 1:1 virtual machine, which saves resources and costs.

Agentless model, no impact on source business

No agent installation (agentless) at the VMware host; zero impact on source business.

Disaster recovery drill migration, multiple validations

The disaster recovery drill-style gradual migration can be started at any time; with increment backup, boot-up and validation functions, it ensures that the systems run smoothly after cloud migration.

Customer Outcomes

No business outage, agentless mode at the source, minimized the impact of migration on the business systems

Through the entire server hot migration design and the agentless mode at the source, there was no business outage and zero security risks at the source. All four disaster recovery drills executed successfully, and the migration of 108 hosts was successfully completed in less than two months, the migration efficiency is extremely high.

Reduced manpower and operations and maintenance costs, saved 68% of budget

Only two technicians were required to complete migration of a large-scale production to the cloud, and the business was successfully cutover to the cloud at the first time, saved a lot of manpower and 68% of the migration project cost comparing to the budget.


  • Source platform: VMware virtual machine, 33 sets of business systems, covering 108 hosts

  • Transmission: 100MB/S

  • Target cloud platform: Alibaba Cloud

  • Cutover window: Nigh time and weekend 19:00-5:00 (+1)


  • Tool: HyperMotion

  • Manpower: 1-2 people on-site (customer operations & maintenance), 1 person on-site (migration vendor)

  • Efficiency: 108 units in a month, 4 drills, 1 cutover


Over-the-counter network system, exchange system, three-party depository system, dividend distribution system, capital management system, customer management system, operation monitoring system, market information system, web system.




Collect basic system information → System dependency analysis → Review migration list → Review migration SLA and resource configuration → Plan for business cutover operations

During migration

  • Environment deployment: Resource preparation for migration deployment → Migration software installation → Network configuration → Source platform configuration → Target cloud platform configuration

  • Migration implementation: Source platform data collection → Data synchronization → Host boot up on the cloud platform 

  • Validation (preliminary): Confirm host status → System configuration → Validate business service


Service cutover: Pre-cutover preparation → Cutover operation → Service validation

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