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EasyBill provides intelligent billing management assistance for a cloud distributor , it helps distributor saving 50% of the billing processing time, improving distribution efficiency significantly.
Massive bills auto-reconciliation
Flexible business strategies
Multi-cloud bills aggregation
Optimize cloud spending

Project Overview

The wave of cloud computing has swept across all industries around the world. With its own advanced technology as the core driving force, cloud computing leveraging innovative methods to improve user experience in different dimensions, enhancing the services and reshaping the industries.

A large cloud service provider in Japan which established in May 2016 (now fully absorbed by and merged with its parent company), providing public cloud computing services to local start-ups and multinational companies, including data storage service and processing, enterprise-class software and cloud security services. 

With the development of the business, its customer base and cloud usage continue to increase, various types of user data and massive billing information are accumulating; bill reconciliation, customer management and cost optimization have become a serious challenge. In order to stay competitive, customer needs help to improve its operational efficiency.

Customers Pain Points

Large customer base, huge billing volume, low reconciliation efficiency

The cloud service provider has more than 1,000 customers, with an average of tens of thousands of billing data monthly for a single customer. The manual reconciliation and billing processes took more than two weeks to complete which is inefficient and inaccurate.

Customer needs are complex; customized billing strategies are complicated

Customer needs are complex and varying (such as setting discount rules based on customer ID, payment method, region, instance configuration…, etc.), they require a platform to support flexible pricing strategies to eliminate complicated secondary processing and improve quotation efficiency.

Third-party bills integration, unified billing requirement

The cloud service provider has to integrate massive bills monthly from various vendors including cloud vendor, ISV vendors, service provides…, etc. They desperate for a platform which supports them for unifying billing formats, managing bills and customers, and simplifying the workflow.


Massive bills auto-reconciliation, reducing costs and errors

EasyBill completes massive reconciliation and billing automatically, bills will be auto-synchronized monthly, which greatly improves the efficiency of reconciliation, reducing manual operation, eliminating human errors and reducing labor and operating costs.

Support flexible business strategies for customized quotations

EasyBill formulates flexible business strategies in batches (discount rules and policies can be set to cover different scenarios, such as discounting by region, payment method, product, instance configuration…, etc.), generates customized quotations automatically, greatly improves the flexibility of the distribution business. 

Support multi-cloud bill aggregation, providing unified billing

EasyBill supports multi-cloud bill aggregation, efficiently integrates third-party bills, enables customers to manage multi-cloud bills on a single platform, eliminates the hassle to log in to multiple platforms for bills download, supports unified billing to customers.

Customer Outcomes

High efficiency of automated reconciliation, saving 50% of bill processing time

EasyBill reconciles bills in batches automatically, greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy, saving more than 50% of billing processing time.


Easy to formulate flexible business strategies, accelerating customer acquisition efficiency

EasyBill supports customized discount rules and policies setting, enhancing the flexibility of business strategies execution, accelerates the growth of the next level agents.

Provide unified billing to end customers, improving customer experience

EasyBill supports multi-cloud bill aggregation, integrates third-party bills efficiently, provides unified bill to end customers, improving the stickiness and experience of end customers.

Optimize cloud spending throughout the cycle, improving cloud efficiency

EasyBill provides visualized cloud cost analysis; tracks customer spending trends, analyses customer needs, helps managing and controlling operations, optimizes sales strategies and development plans, helps customers optimizing cloud spending throughout the cycle, improving cloud efficiency and also the cloud distribution business.

Since the use of EasyBill, it guarantees customer to develop existing business effectively, furthermore, it supports customer optimizing the business and unlocking more opportunities with the substantial improvement of billing efficiency, fulfilling the needs from its customers, enables cloud computing to empower customers!

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