A new scenario for cloud disaster recovery
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HyperBDR provided disaster recovery solution for a large logistics service enterprise; backup and restore from local servers to Huawei Cloud.
Huawei Cloud Disaster Recovery
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Reduce operation and maintenance costs

Project Overview

A large corporate which is a state-owned air cargo insurance company, it mainly responsible for fuels procurement, transportation, storage, testing and sales, it covers both domestic and overseas businesses. The group has invested a lot of effort in the IT business infrastructure to ensure sustainable development, stability and reliability of the multinational business.

In order to achieve high availability and high level of application protection, the group needs a more efficient disaster recovery solution to replace the simple backup service solution; aim to minimize downtime and the recovery time objective (RTO) of the system, network and applications cannot exceed 15 minutes. 

The data centre originally used Veeam for data backup, they planned to use Public Cloud + HyperBDR disaster recovery solution to achieve disaster recovery of some business systems on Huawei Cloud. 

Customers Pain Points

High requirements of disaster recovery, minute-level protection and recovery must be achieved

Customer has high requirements on disaster recovery; a frequency of every 3 hours backup cycle, recovery time objective (RTO) less than 15 minutes and recovery point objective (RPO) less than 10 minutes.

Guarantee business continuity of core production systems

With cloudification development in place, the risks of business interruption, data loss caused by equipment failures, logic errors, malicious attacks and natural disasters are rising. The group needs a more comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

The original disaster recovery service provider does not support disaster recovery on Huawei Cloud and the cost is high

The original service provider supports cloud backup based on AWS only and does not support backup on Huawei Cloud, moreover the cost is too high. The contract was about to expire, the group needed to replace the solution urgently. 


Deeply integrated with Huawei Cloud API to achieve public cloud disaster recovery

Deeply integrated with Huawei Cloud API to achieve highly automated disaster recovery, leveraging the elasticity characteristic of public cloud to create a more scalable disaster recovery solution. 

Boot in cloud, starts services on the cloud in one click

Periodically backup data to Huawei Cloud based on its service attributes and levels. No instance pre-launch on the cloud required. When problem occurs in the data center, the services will run on the cloud to take over the original service and restore directly to the system. 

Customer Outcomes

Completed disaster recovery the first batch of 25 hosts of the group from local data centre to Huawei Cloud, achieved the goals of "full coverage", "excellent performance" and "easy scalability”.

The disaster recovery solution is simple and easy to deploy, enhances the elasticity and low-cost investment natures of using public cloud. Secures the data comprehensively, efficiently and stably, and reduces the risk of data loss. At the same time, it also provides security for the development and promotion of the group's digital operation system, supporting digital transformation and upgrading of the group.

Achieved disaster recovery for the first batch of 25 hosts, reducing the costs effectively

Completed the first batch of 25 hosts for disaster recovery; completed application testing, data analysis and reuse of backup data, successfully achieved the goal of costs reduction and improving efficiency. 

Pay-as-you-go by leveraging the elasticity of public cloud

The cloud disaster recovery solution makes the full use of the elasticity and flexibility characteristics of the cloud, on-demand billing, elastic scaling, achieving N:1 disaster recovery, greatly reduces the cost of operation, maintenance and disaster recovery. 

Disaster Recovery Scenario 

Source Platform:Data Center 

Target Platform:Huawei Public Cloud

Network:VPN 200MB/s

Backup cycle:Every 3 hours (According to customer business requirements)

Backup resources:Three cloud storage gateways for HyperBDR 

RTO:15 mins    RPO:10 mins

Disaster Recovery Resources

Tool: HyperBDR

Manpower:1 (Onsite operation & support)

Efficiency:Completed backup of 25 hosts, with a total data volume of 8.8TB 

Backup Business System

OA system, three points database, BPM system, BI system, conference system 

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